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Trauma Therapy

‘Christian Therapist Near Me’

Experiencing trauma can leave an individual feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with everyday life. Symptoms of trauma can range from physical to emotional, so it’s important to be aware of the signs. Some common indicators of trauma include:


- Feelings of fear, guilt, or shame that don’t go away

- Flashbacks or nightmares involving the traumatic event

- Avoiding conversations or situations that remind you of the trauma

- Increased alertness, difficulty sleeping or concentrating

- Difficulty trusting people or forming relationships


If you are in need of a ‘Christian therapist near me’, contact Front Porch Counselling. Front Porch Counselling provides Christian trauma therapy to help those who have suffered emotional distress and are in need of healing. As a Christian therapist, I offer comprehensive services that focus on restoring psychological, physical and spiritual well-being. Trauma therapy is not just about helping you cope; it’s about providing a safe space for you to process your pain and grief so you can move forward with peace and understanding. I understand this process can be difficult, which is why I strive to provide a comfortable environment where you will feel heard, supported, and valued. I will gently guide and support you through the healing process so that you may find peace within yourself and live life more fully. If you’re looking for a ‘Christian therapist near me’, contact Front Porch Counselling today. I'm here to help you find healing and inner peace. 


Thank you for considering Front Porch Counselling for trauma therapy. I'm here to serve and provide a safe space for those in need of healing. Take the first step towards restoring your psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being today.

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