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Christian Counseling Near Me

Christian Counselling Near Me

Are you in need of Christian counselling and are searching for 'Christian counselling near me'? If so, contact Front Porch Counselling. Here at Front Porch Counselling, I offer online counselling to help individuals address their issues through video conferencing in addition to in-person sessions so that Christian counselling can be made accessible to anyone in Alberta, Canada, regardless of their geographical location.


Christian counselling offers a unique approach to mental health treatment. It is based on the Christian faith, with the understanding that individuals are part of God's divine plan and can be healed on a foundation of truth through a relationship with God and community, forgiveness, and love. Here at Front Porch Counselling, I focus on helping individuals live out their Christian faith in a healthy, balanced way. Through faith-based support informed by trauma research and proven counselling theory, I provide comfort and reassurance during times of distress and can help to restore hope and joy in times of sorrow. I am dedicated to helping you heal from trauma using truth from God's word and proven counselling methods in order to develop inner strength, peace, and a sense of purpose in your life.


Christian counselling is a powerful tool to help individuals find meaningful transformation and healing in their lives. As a Christian counselor, I strive to empower my clients with the knowledge, skills and faith-based support needed to find hope and healing. I have a passion for counselling Christian people who are asking the hard questions or struggling with tough times, and am dedicated to providing compassionate care, Christian guidance and an online environment where individuals can take part in Christian counselling from anywhere. As a Christian counsellor I will provide kind, compassionate care tailored to each individual's unique needs as I work with them to identify areas of growth. By utilizing evidence-based Christian counselling methods, I will work with clients towards overcoming personal challenges and finding meaningful transformation in their lives. So if you are searching for ‘Christian counselling near me’, Front Porch Counselling can help. 


Contact me today to learn more about Christian counselling and how I can help you find hope and healing.

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